Landscaping Services


Driveways can be constructed using many different materials such as

  • Concrete - Plain/coloured/ stencilled or exposed aggregate.
  • Pavers, bricks or tiles.
  • Natural stone – Cobble stone, sandstone, basalt and more.

Here are some examples of a few different driveway materials and methods of construction:

Coloured concrete

This concrete has a charcoal colour mix in to it and then a tinted sealer is applied after it is laid.

Plain Concrete sprayed

Sometimes this method is suitable because the spray that is applied is very non slip and also a colour that is unique and not available in pre mixed concrete.

Paved driveways

The pavers are laid over screened river sand and depending on the specific site situation, either a concrete or compacted road base can be used as the sub base.

Cobblestoned driveways

First a reinforced concrete drive is installed, then the cobble stones are fixed to the concrete using a special flexible adhesive or screed bed. The cobble stones are then grouted and expansion joints are installed.