Harbourside Landscaping and Paving

About Us

Harbourside Landscaping has been working in the Australian landscaping industry for the past 10 years.

Owned and operated by Jarod Cunningham, our team works primarily in the Sutherland Shire and Wollongong areas.

The Harbourside Landscaping Difference

We established Harbourside Landscaping with a few key principles that have become the foundations of the way we conduct our work to this day.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with:

  1. Structural Integrity
  2. Practical Solutions
  3. Tackling difficult job sites
  4. 100% project focus

Structural Integrity

At Harbourside Landscaping, we understand that when you decide to build you dream garden that it is also an investment in your home.

We will never compromise on the structural integrity of our work and ensure we use only the highest quality materials and licensed tradesmen. You can be assured that your new outdoor additions will continue to look beautiful and be structurally sound for decades to come.


Practical Solutions

We encourage our clients to have as much input with ideas to their projects as they want.

With over 15 years of experience the Harbourside Landscaping team will work with you to make you dreams a reality. We employ practical solutions to maximise you outdoor areas.


Accepting difficult job sites as a rewarding challenge

Over the years, we have build up a reputation of being able to provide solutions and service to clients with very difficult job sites.

We pride ourselves on being able to construct designs that a lot of other companies won't get involved in due to the level of difficulty involved.

If you have ever been told "that's too hard" or "building that there is impossible" then contact Harbourside Landscaping before you give up on your ideas.


Working with our clients full-time from conception to completion

One of the major differences you will notice when you choose to work with Harbourside Landscaping over other companies is that once your job is started, we WILL NOT leave until it is completely finished and you are using your new outdoor area.

Too often do we hear that "he just never got back to me" or "they did two weeks work and then left for a week to do another job, leaving the place in a complete mess". At Harbourside Landscaping, we are a specialised landscape constructinon company and we only take on one major project at a time. By operating this way, we ensure that you will have 100% of our effort going into your project 100% of the time.

So if you are looking for an experienced, inspired landscape team that is committed to making your ideas and dreams a reality, contact Harbourside Landscaping and we will work together to achieve it.